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PayGlocal Technologies Private Limited (herein referred to as “PayGlocal” or the “Company”) is a company incorporated under the Companies Act 2013. It has its registered office at 6048, Prestige Shantiniketan, ITPL Main Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru – 560048, Karnataka.
PayGlocal proposes to offer a transparent, open, and approachable customer grievance redressal policy (“Policy”) process for end-customers to connect with PayGlocal and raise valid grievances. This Policy is structured for minimizing customer & merchant grievances. The Policy is formed to accept grievances through proper channels and provide a review mechanism and prompt redressal of all customer & merchant grievances. Grievance Reporting Channels

Grievance Reporting Channels

PayGlocal accepts grievances through the below email channel for end consumers (customers) reaching out to PayGlocal.
E-mail[email protected]
PayGlocal accepts grievances through the below email channel for merchants reaching out to PayGlocal.
E-mail[email protected]
Once a grievance is received through the above channels, PayGlocal assigns that to its internal team for redressal. A unique ticket number is assigned to each query or complaint and the customer/merchant receives an email communication with the details.
In the event a grievance response is not received from the [email protected]/[email protected] within the prescribed time frame mentioned in this Policy, they can approach the Nodal officer appointed by PayGlocal for escalation. The escalation matrix is defined below. The customer/merchant is expected to read and understand this process to receive appropriate redressal support from PayGlocal.
Note: Customer/merchant is advised to exhaust the remedy at the prescribed numerical levels.

Escalation Matrix

Level 1 - Reporting a specific issue via Email.

The customer may get in touch with PayGlocal to submit his/ her complaint by writing an email to report their grievance at (for customers) [email protected] / (for merchants) [email protected]. The targeted Turn Around Time (TAT) to respond to the customer/ merchant is managed within 2 working days and resolution within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

Customers/merchants are encouraged to provide complete details of their grievances, along with relevant documents (if any), in their complaints. However, in case of any trouble faced by the customer/merchant in lodging an appropriate complaint, PayGlocal shall endeavor to provide guidance to the customer/ merchant in this regard.

Resolution of grievance may depend upon responses and clarification from external stakeholders and would take approximately between 5 (Five) to 7 (Seven).

In the event the customer/merchant does not receive a response from PayGlocal within the timeline stated herein above, the customer/ merchant can proceed to the next level of escalation.

Level 2 - Escalating and Reporting to Nodal Officer

If the customer/merchant does not receive answers to their questions from PayGlocal’s Level 1 support process, within 5 (Five) working days of writing an email, the customer/merchant can send all details about their query to the Nodal officer. For customers, this email should contain the customer email ID and ‘support request’ in the subject line of the email to the PayGlocal Nodal Officer. Further, the merchants can reach out from their registered email ID, along with a detailed description of the issue and supporting details such as merchant MID and transaction details.

The nodal officer shall send his final response to the customer/merchant within 2 (Two) working days of lodging the grievance. Such a response may either contain the resolution or an intimation that PayGlocal requires more time to examine the grievance, along with the reason for seeking such an extension. The maximum time to resolve the complaint is 30 (Thirty) working days from the date of lodging the grievance.

The customer/merchant may request an update and PayGlocal will keep the customer/ merchant posted if any grievance requires more than the specified time.

Grievance cum Nodal Officer:
Nikhil Jain,
PayGlocal Technologies Private Limited
Pune Corporate Office:
Office no. 101, Shrileela, S.No. 115/3/6, Baner, Pune, India – 411045
E-mail : [email protected]