Building for the future @PayGlocal

Be a part of lasting innovation - create new products, new processes and new standards. Join us to help us shape the future of payments.

Our Values

We value Trust, Growth, and Collaboration above everything else.

  • We believe that trust is the foundation of any successful business relationship and strive to establish transparency with our clients.
  • We encourage personal and professional growth of our employees and offer a culture of continuous learning.
  • By working collaboratively and learning from one another, we drive innovation and build timeless solutions for our clients.

A sneak peek into

Why our teams love us, and you will love us too

We take pride in creating a safe, supportive, and comfortable space for all our employees, to be a part of their wins and joys, both professional & personal.

A flexible work environment built on mutual respect

If you're looking for a workplace where you can be yourself, be productive, and have fun, we're it. We prioritize creating a workplace that's both enjoyable and accommodating.

Opportunities to do the extraordinary

Take on new and exciting challenges with PayGlocal. We're pushing the boundaries of payments and customer expectations. Join a team of creative and innovative minds solving complex problems.

Be a part of early stage growth

Reach your full potential working closely with leadership in an evolving and adapting environment. Develop new skills and expertise, take up more responsibilities as you grow.

We put our people at heart of everything we do

Experienced mentors who will guide you in your career path and provide valuable feedback, helping you to grow both professionally and personally.

By focusing on representation, recruitment, engagement, culture, accountability, and education, we’re committed to being a workplace where everyone can grow.

What we offer

Insurance, Health & Wellness

Protect yourself and your loved ones with our insurance plan. Stay your best self physically and mentally through a range of perks - memberships, wellness programs and resources.For Employees over 35 years we also offer annual medical checkup

Return to Work Policy for Women

We recognise the unique challenges that women face while taking care of their children or families. We ensure a smooth and positive experience transitioning back to work.

ESOPS for employees

We believe our employees are the contributors of our growth. And we believe in sharing the benefits of the growth. Get employee stock options and other perks of being an early member.

Flexible work arrangement

We have a hybrid work model where employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere, home or office. We create an environment that is both effective and inclusive.

Family and parenting benefits

Family is important, that is why we provide a range of benefits to our employees - paid parental leave, flexible work arrangements, family friendly workplace etc.

Unlimited leaves and time off

We trust our employees to be responsible for their work and judicious with their time. We offer unlimited leave and vacation policy.

Your learning & development

Continuous Learning being our core value, we want to give employees opportunities to learn enabling them to grow personally and professionally. With our Education Reimbursement Policy, Development trainings, we want to ensure a learning experience for all employees.

On-site meals and snacks

You are taken care when in office with tasty meals and snacks

Proven veteran or budding novice, choose growth and opportunity with PayGlocal

Visit our Zero-Tolerance Compliance Centre, where you can view our Policy. This policy reflects our unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful space for everyone.

Should you notice any incident that may not align with our policy, we invite you to share your observations through the Zero-Tolerance Compliance Centre. Your input is essential to maintaining and upholding our standards.